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Price Drop! ANSI Ultimate Flurry Protein Powder – 2lbs for $14

Today the PricePlow deals system spotted an interesting one:

2lbs of ANSI Ultimate Flurry Protein Powder for $14.00.

What’s the catch?

Two things to note:

ANSI Ultimate Flurry Protein Powder

ANSI Ultimate Flurry Protein Powder

  1. It’s banana flavored! But it sounds really cool in that you’ll get freeze-dried bananas inside for some potential real banana flavor, not the fake stuff most proteins have.
  2. It also expires on June 14, which is a month and a half from now. That should be ample time to go through 2lbs of protein. It’s 24 servings, so you don’t even need to take a scoop per day.

    Plus, expired protein is not a big issue. It’s just a labeling requirement.

The Macros

ANSI’s protein sports 24 servings of 38g worth of product. Inside, you get

  • 25g of protein, from whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed protein isolate, and micellar casein — no other amino acids that might mess the numbers up.
  • 6g of carbs, 1g of which is sugar, 0.5g being fiber (the latter both from the added freeze-dried bananas), and much of the rest coming from the whey concentrate and a bit of maltodextrin.
  • 5g of fat, 1g of which is saturated (likely from the added medium chain triglycerides [MCTs])

Price Comparisons

You can see price comparisons below or on our ANSI Ultimate Flurry Protein Powder page.

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