Olympus Labs Re1gn Pre Workout: What a Wild Road It’s Been

CAUTION: Although this product does not contain yohimbine, it is highly recommended that users who are sensitive to ingredients similar to yohimbe not use this product or start at a *very* light dose to assess strength. Read more in our Olympus Labs Re1gn Recall article from 2017.

2019 Update This product was renamed to I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition. See that article for the deals.

Olympus Labs Re1gn

Olympus Labs is crafting a new pre workout titled Re1gn and we’ve got the details on what’s inside!

Olympus Labs has long been known as a leading-edge supplement company, specifically with regards to their stellar pre workouts and muscle-builders. The brand is in the midst of a massive rebranding effort, and with that OL has decided to undertake the development of a brand new pre workout to replace Conqu3r Unleashed, to clear out for the next big thing:

The ingredients were released in July 2017, and Re1gn definitely looks to ascend the mountain of pre workouts and once again stake Olympus Labs’ claim as the true Demigods of the industry.

We’ve got a special insider’s peek at the ingredients below, starring a new ingredient named VASO-6, but first you gotta sign up for PricePlow’s Olympus Labs alerts (I Am Suprem3 prices shown below):

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The Re1gn Ingredients

  • VASO-6

    Olympus Labs Re1gn Ingredients

    What a loaded label! Unfortunately, we don’t know the full stim doses or what this STIM-X really is!

    Re1gn will include several new ingredients headlined by a brand new vasodilator and nitric oxide-enhancing ingredient named VASO-6. In addition to boosting nitric oxide, VASO-6 also improves endurance and recovery.

    VASO-6 is a proprietary, trademarked extract of grape seed and green tea containing only the most potent NO-activating fractions in them. Studies using the ingredient note that it demonstrates endothelial-dependent relaxation (EDR) activity by 15% greater than placebo[1,2], leading to superior vascularity and pumps.

    Additionally, the compounds comprising VASO-6 have been shown to significantly increase blood flow[2], yielding enhanced glucose uptake and muscle protein synthesis[3] — which makes for bigger and better gains! Plus, it stimulates endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) enzyme which combats fatigue and improves strength & recovery.[4-7]

    One last note that Olympus Labs mentioned to us regarding this novel nitric oxide booster is that the N.O. and vasodilating benefits documented by human trials in regards to epicatechin are actually based on VASO-6!

    “Vaso6 is a gallate-enhanced oligomer made up of dimers, trimers, tetramers and pentamers that is a powerful stimulator of nitric oxide production. It can be derived from the extracts of grape seed or green tea. Research has shown that extracts of grape seeds (GSE) causes endothelium dependent relaxation (EDR) activity in vitro. EDR activity involves the release of endothelial nitric oxide (NO) release and subsequent increase in cyclic guanosine monophosphate (GMP) levels in the vascular smooth muscle cells ultimately increasing vasodilation and blood flow.

    Isolation and characterization of GSE identified the extract was separated into seven fractions (A–G). Only fractions (D–G) were EDR-active so they were further separated into 25 individual compound peaks by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), 16 of which were EDR active. Analysis of these 16 peaks identified Procyanidin content, which are oligomeric compounds formed from catechin and epicatechin molecules. Peak G6, a trimeric procyanidin gallate, was identified as the peak that had the highest EDR activity. Vaso6 contains only the peaks and fractions of GSE with the highest EDR activity including peak G6, hence the name Vaso6.”

    –Olympus Labs

    Sounds like this stuff is no joke!

  • Tasteless Theacrine!

    Olympus Labs Re1gn Destiny

    Forge a new destiny in your lifting journey with the assistance of OL’s dynamite new pre workout.

    We all know as the xanthine compound that provides long-lasting energy, but doesn’t come with the tolerance build up like caffeine does.[8]

    We also know that theacrine imparts a flavor to supplements that is damn near impossible to mask and almost always throws off the flavor on supplements.

    Until now!

    Olympus Labs has informed us they’ve developed a “tasteless” form of theacrine, that not only exerts the same prolonged energy for hours on end, but comes with no horrendous aftertaste.

    This has been an industry challenge for well over a year now, and truth be told, we’re not sure it can be 100% masked, although some companies are getting close.

    Challenge accepted by Olympus Labs – so get ready for some seriously good flavoring with Re1gn!

  • Juglans Regia Extract

    Previously included in the now-discontinued Conqu3r Unleashed supplement, Olympus Labs was the first company to bring J. Regia to pre workouts. Also known as Persian walnut or English walnut, J. Regia is a species of walnut tree indigenous to Southwest China and the Himalayas. More importantly, J. Regia is loaded with a number of alkaloids,[9] which work to significantly enhance focus and energy.

    Often thought to be extracted for 2-amino-5-methylheptane, that would make it another form of DMHA that’s reportedly a bit stronger and a bit more expensive, so you don’t need as much.

    Based on personal experiences with this particular ingredient, it definitely adds some significant zip to your pre workout experience!

  • Eria Jarensis

    Olympus Labs Re1gn Supreme

    Increased energy, focus, pumps, and performance — what more could you ask for in a pre workout?!

    Eria Jarensis is another of the new age “exotic” stims seen in quite a few products these days, notably OL’s Ignit3 and BloodShr3d. Eria Jarensis contains several PEA-based compounds including: N-methyl-PEA, N,N-dimethyl-PEA, and N-phenethyl dimethylamine.[10]

    E. Jarensis gives users a significant “euphoric” feel that lasts significantly longer than regular PEA — fyi regular PEA lasts all of 5-10 minutes. User feedback on the ingredient notes prolonged energy and elevated mood.

    This often goes very well with the DMHA-style stimulants, so expect the same here. However, there’s one gamechanger left, and that’s where we’re in the dark:

  • STIM-X (as C. Macroceras extracted for “alkaloids”)

    A “new” stimulant that Olympus Labs has brought to the table for RE1GN, this is the one that’s getting a ton of attention. Unfortunately, OL won’t state what “alkaloids” have been extracted here, so we’re not exactly sure what’s in it. But we have a guess!

    Is it something similar to YOHIMBINE?!

    Our best guess is that Coryanthe Macroceras has been standardized for something similar
    to some kind of yohimbine alkaloid, given the side effects that some early adopters have reported from the first batch (especially the Dragon’s Mist flavor).

    For instance, C. Macroceras has some interesting alkaloids in it, such as the following:

    • False yohimbi bark, from C. macroceras, K. Schum, contains yohimbenine chiefly.”[11]
    • Listed in the “Normal” Yohimbine occurrences section on alkaloids.[12]
    • “A third yohimbi bark is derived from C. macroceras, which, however, contains but little of the active alkaloid yohimbine, and is therefor not so valuable as an aphrodisiac as the true drug, its chief constituent is the inactive yohimbenine.”[13]

    However, Olympus Labs has repeatedly stated that Re1gn does not contain yohimbine or yohimbenine.

    But use caution if yohimbe-sensitive

    Our best guess is that these alkaloids are something “similar” to yohimbe, perhaps related “cousins”. As such, if you’re extremely yohimbe-sensitive, it may be wise to either skip this supplement or use in extremely low doses to assess tolerance!

    This is why we are always cautious with supplements that don’t state what they’re extracting – going so far to take drug tests in the case of Lipodrene Elite‘s coca leaf!

    We call on Olympus Labs to give us more information, but for now we’re satisfied knowing who should at least be careful with the product!

  • Caffeine

    Olympus Labs Re1gn Coming Soon

    Re1gn is just a few weeks away from release, will you be ready for a new era of supremacy in your workouts?

    This goes without saying, but any pre workout worth its salt is going to have caffeine in it. We just don’t know how much yet. Additionally, we do wonder if OL will make the switch from a 100% anhydrous based caffeine formula to perhaps a blend of anhydrous and dicaffeine malate, for a good mix of immediate and long-lasting energy?

    We’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Lots of Pumps

    Olympus Labs is known as the king of pump pre workouts, and just as we’ve seen with all the previous products from the company, Re1gn will be no different.

    The big question is which nitric oxide boosting ingredients will they include (aside from VASO-6), and just how epic the pumps will be on the product?!

More on VASO-6

We were so intrigued by the inclusion of this new ingredient, that we pressed Olympus Labs for even more information in regards to their new revolutionary nitric oxide booster and performance enhancer. The team got back to us with:

“When epicatechin emerged on the market several years ago, it soared in popularity. But, it unfortunately left a bit of a bitter aftertaste for some since the number of non responders to the ingredient far outnumbered those who experienced benefits. In response to this love-hate relationship companies strove to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of the ingredient but this methodology alone did not solve the problems with the ingredient and its response.

Through our pursuit of innovation Olympus Labs established a connection with the University who funded the studies on the endurance, nitric oxide, vasodilation, and recovery properties of epicatechin. Together we commercialized the IP and brought forward Vaso-6 to the market which is a direct byproduct of the highlighted science that goes into great depth on what it is and how it works.

The situation and hype between epicatechin itself is an episode out of mythbusters itself. All along companies were using the wrong ingredient but citing the studies that only apply to Vaso-6. Companies were using regular epicatechin standardized from green tea whereas the benefits correlating with the studies were a totally different beast in itself.

Vaso-6 is not epicatechin as you know it. It is truly a remarkable ingredient that Olympus Labs would consider super epicatechin. It demonstrates that the human studies and the ingredients used in these studies should properly be commercialized before marketing to the supplement user demographic as in the case with regular epicatechin or else you will get a lot of disappointing results. IP is IP for a reason and should be utilized properly and sold/marketed responsibly by all supplement companies. We are also super excited in regards to Vaso-6 as it is another ingredient that was clinically studied in humans prior to being released to the market. We as a company are extremely interested in ingredients that have positive benefits but more importantly been studied in humans to work effectively.

Vaso6 is another innovative success brought to you by Olympus Labs, but surely not the last!” — Olympus Labs

Flavors Available

Olympus Labs Re1gn Facts

We don’t have the specific ingredients yet, but OL has let us in on a few of the unique ingredient in their newest pre workout.

Olympus Labs has some wild flavor names for RE1GN:

  • Area 51
  • Dragon Mist*
  • Isee Fury
  • Krusherz
  • Lion’s Blood

What do these flavors mean?! You can come up with a few guesses, but you might have to try them out yourself to see for sure!

*As a word of caution, the Dragon Mist flavor has been reported to be stronger than others, so use extreme caution with it, as there have been many side effects reported!

A new Re1gn is coming….

Re1gn came and went — below we show the I Am Suprem3 Black Magic prices until they’re all gone:

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.


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