MusclePharm Energy DROPZ is Coming? With Focus?

2015 Update: We’re not sure what happened with this, but the product may have been dropped/renamed to MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero, which is the new energy drink that *is* out now!

This page may be wildly incorrect, although we’re still excited to see MusclePharm attack the sports drink world if they can take on some refrigerator space!


MusclePharm is keeping things aggressive lately!

Boy do we love writing about MusclePharm. Although we don’t always agree with all of their decisions, they certainly keep it interesting.

MusclePharm’s last few moves have been extremely solid, with their delicious Combat Crunch protein bars, CocoProtein coconut water protein shake, and a potential business-boosting move into organic food stores with Nature Sport. We’re also extremely excited for them to take on Gatorade, Powerade, and other sports drinks with their BCAA-infused Amino1 RTD, a battle you will not want to miss.

Next up: Dropz Energy Drinks

On those same financial sites where we discovered Nature Sport, we also saw discussion of a new energy drink from MusclePharm: DROPZ.[1]

MusclePharm is a publicly-held corporation (stock ticker: $MSLP[2]) — one of the few in the supplement space — so it gets a good amount of attention on those sites.

Per an anonymous blogger on

One of these new products is the DROPZ energy drink that will be sold in convenience stores across the country.

DROPZ is a healthier alternative to other energy drinks on the market today and will likely be a huge success.

We’re not sure when it’s coming out, but looking at the trademarks registered, MusclePharm has the following names:

  • DROPZ Multi-V. We presume this will be a multivitamin-infused energy drink / beverage.
  • DROPZ Power. This one could be interesting. Could they potentially add some of the supplement industry’s power-boosters like betaine, nitrates, l-citrulline, or agmatine? Don’t hold your breath, but that’d be excellent.
  • DROPZ Technology – Likely not a product name, but some kind of nutrition technology they’ll be marketing.
  • DROPZ Science – Same as above.

Ongoing Research at the MPSSI

One cool thing that we saw is that the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute has a study coming out on Dropz too![3]


We’ll keep this section up to date when the Dropz study is done, but this leads us to believe it’s all about performance and focus!

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What is a “Healthy” Energy Drink?

MusclePharm DROPZ Energy Drink

The only images out there are of the trademark. We’ll have to keep this post up to date.

We’re not sure what “healthier alternative” to energy drinks really means — after all, this is an extremely crowded space, and there’s about ten trillion companies doing the same thing. But MusclePharm has legitimate financial backing and distribution reach in nutrition stores and Costco’s around the US, with a growing international presence as well.

Some “healthy” ideas

There are a few ingredients that we’d love to see in energy drink formulas. First off, most energy drinks that do have legitimate ingredients are completely pixie-dusted. For instance, we once saw a Monster energy that had literally 20mg of L-arginine – hah!

Moreover, there are some ingredients that would do very well in energy drinks, if they can maintain proper solubility. For instance, something like ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine), efficacious doses of choline (preferably citicoline), or the aforementioned NO boosters.

It goes without saying that we’re confident MusclePharm will put together something that beats all of the garbage you currently see on convenient store shelves.

Also in the news…

And while we’re on the subject, also in energy drink news recently is how Red Bull is basically giving away free money because some lawyer drank it for 11 years but was disappointed that it “didn’t give him wings”.

Building a distribution stronghold for the future

MusclePharm's Amino1 RTD Sports Drink - Coming in 2015!

THIS is the battle we’re really looking forward to.

As we alluded to in our post about CocoProtein, MusclePharm is setting the table for serious distribution. If they can get DROPZ and CocoProtein on shelves away from nutrition stores — ie, at gas stations and convenience stores — then this prepares for what we consider will be the industry’s biggest marketing war to date: Amino1 RTD vs. Gatorade and other sports drinks.

So we’re looking forward to DROPZ, but we really think the best is yet to come. Stay tuned as always, and sign up for price drop updates and new product announcements from MusclePharm above or below!

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