Memorial Day 2018 Supplement Sale: 20% off at Suppz!

Happy Memorial Day!

This year, PricePlow has partnered with Suppz, who’s sponsoring this epic 20% off Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

It’s on select brands only (see the list below) and goes through Monday, May 28 at midnight, so don’t sleep on this one. We are very confident that some of these products are going to sell out before that (lookin at you, Arez!)

Click Here to see the coupon code and Click Here to go directly to the Suppz Memorial Day page!

What brands are involved?

This list ain’t for free! You know Mike’s gotta pepper in some commentary, right?

  • Dedicated Nutrition

    Comment: I’m still addicted to this 4:1:1 BCAA Sensation with rhodiola. Yeah we like EAA but if you’re gonna do BCAA then this is how you do it!

  • NutraBio (Thurs & Fri only)

    Comment: What is this Thursday and Friday only business, Ben? Bro, Memorial Day is on MONDAY. Come on NutraBio! Anyway get you some Blue Razz PRE!

  • NutraCharge

    NutraCharge Charged Amino

    Peach Mango is really really good if you like peaches and mangoes

    Comment: Charged Aminos!!! Best tasting energy aminos ever, the mango flavor is strong!

  • Sparta Nutrition

    Comment: Spartan Whey anyone? Fantastic formula, incredible vanilla!

  • Performax Labs

    Comment: Take it to the MAX! But… where is the Nootrimax?! Suppz needs this NOW for super smart customers! Good thing they still have VasoMax to get you pumped up after you take those NutraCharge Charged Aminos

  • NTel Nutra

    Comment: AreZ!!!!!!1 GOD OF THE GYM!! This NEVER goes on sale so now’s your chance!

  • Myoblox

    Comment: Speaking of brands that never go on sale, this is one that never does either! But what are these “Blox”, Guerilla???

  • MTS Nutrition

    Comment: That scrappy Marc Lobliner character been so busy arguing with master supplement formulator Jerry Ward lately that Suppz has taken over selling his goods!!

    Click Here to see the coupon code and Click Here to go directly to the Suppz Memorial Day page!
  • Repp Sports

    Comment: Flavor snobs, get the Dragon Fruit ReactR. Thank us later.

  • NutraKey

    Dedicated Nutrition Women

    Dedicated Nutrition’s BCAA Sensation: A feel-good BCAA that can be enjoyed by anyone!

    Comment: Want a unique protein flavor combination that actually WORKS? Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cup Whey Optima it is!

  • American Metabolix

    Comment: Keto Meal is a must-have in the house for keto dieters!

  • Black Market Labs

    Comment: Weren’t these guys against selling stuff online? Or did they change? Or did Suppz be like “Hey this is only for our local Wisconsin stores” and then Jon threw some on the website because he’s sneaky like that..?

  • Black Lion Research

    Comment: Let’s show some respect to the OG epicatechin supplement before EVERYONE copied them — Follidrone!

  • CORE Nutritionals

    Comment: YouTube commenters keep talking about the Core ZZZ sleep aid, guess it’s the perfect amount of chillax and knock you the f’ out without making you a zombie the next day. Sign CJ up!

  • ‘Merica Labz

    Red, White, and Boom

    This year, we make our founding fathers proud, as we take our gainz — and our country — back to where they belong!

    Comment: As if freakin CEREAL in the protein wasn’t enough, Merica Labz and Memorial Day goes together like… freakin cereal and protein! Oh and did you see our recent Red White and Boom new formula blog post?

  • Controlled Labs

    Comment: Incoming — our WHITE FLASH review. If you want to try VASO-6 in a responsible formula, you will love this one!!

  • Dymatize

    Comment: Rumor has it that the peanut flavored ISO-100 is peanut insanity

  • Purus Labs

    Comment: Maple flavored Myofeed in oatmeal makes for the best proats we’ve ever had.

  • Inspired Nutraceuticals

    Comment: We can’t keep up with all the DVST8 formulas, but we’ve never had one that sucked or tasted bad, so whichever one they’re on now, it’s probably pretty damn good

Click Here to see the coupon code and Click Here to go directly to the Suppz Memorial Day page!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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