LA Fit Expo 2018: PricePlow’s Adventure to LA

LA Fit Expo 2018

Check out the whole story of PricePlow’s journey to CA for the 2018 LA Fit Expo!

The 2018 LA Fit Expo has come and gone, but PricePlow was there in force to cover the latest happenings, newest product releases, and even get interviewed for the first real documentary about this wonderful industry that is sports supplements.

There were a lot of highs (key interviews, shotgunning BANGs, sneak peeks at new products) and a few lows (the sketchy AirBnB, bad dinner at Hooters) that made for a trip we’ll never forget.

In case you weren’t there, here’s a recap of the weekend’s happenings to catch you up on all that we experienced first hand!

  • Day 1: SUPPS – The Movie

    Day one of the 2018 LA Fit Expo Extravaganza follows Robert & CJ from Austin, TX to the bright lights of Los Angeles where they met up with SUPPS: The Movie director Alex Ardenti for an interview and chat about the history and current state of the supplement industry. Following that, the guys head to what could be described as the sketchiest AirBNB ever!

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  • Interview with Dan Lourenco, CEO & Co-Founder of GHOST

    Our 2018 LA Fit Expo kicked off on Saturday with a sit down meeting with none other than Dan Lourenco, CEO and co-founder of Ghost. These guys have been one of the hottest brands of 2018, with some of the coolest marketing you’ve ever seen. In our interview, Dan describes the ultimate motivation behind why they do what they do.

    Check out this exclusive interview and peek into the psyche of GHOST.

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  • Day 2: LA Fit Expo

    What kind of shenanigans did CJ and Robert get into at the LA Fit Expo? All kinds!

    Tons of interviews (Dana and Robb Bailey, Chanel, Maxx Chewning and more), BANG chugging, meetings, and some behind-the-scenes beta sampling of a few products you’ll be seeing on the shelves soon!

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    Following some backdoor dealings between CJ and VPX Sports, Robert gets pulled on stage during Day 1 of the LA Fit Expo to chug an entire can of BANG in front of a whole crowd of people at the VPX booth (“rave”).

    Did Robert survive?

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  • Interview with ProSupps CEO TJ Humphreys and Hyde Power Potion Pre-Review

    News has been swirling that ProSupps Hyde Power Potion is a certified contender for best-tasting energy drink on the market. Though it’s still new on the scene, the hype and buzz behind this one is solid. CJ and Robert catch up with the ProSupps gang to interview their CEO, TJ Humphreys, and get a first taste of the new Hyde Power Potion.

    Full review to come!

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  • Interview with Mike Rashid, Owner IMSOALPHA

    As Day 1 of the LA Fit Expo drew to a close, we crossed paths with the AlphaMike Rashid of ImSoAlpha and Ambrosia. CJ got a chance for an interview with Big Mike, and it’s one we couldn’t pass up.

    Check it out!

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  • Interview with Rich Piana’s girlfriend Chanel Renee

    Though the great Rich Piana is gone, he is certainly not forgotten. By his side to the very end was his girlfriend, Chanel. CJ caught up with the buxom beauty at the LA Fit Expo to talk about Rich as well as what’s up next for Chanel.

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  • Unfortunately, Chanel is not with 5% Nutrition, but see some shots of her EVOL clothing line and video series in the video above!

  • Maxx Chewning Interview

    While talking with the gang from Ghost, one of their best-known brand ambassadors and popular YouTubers, Maxx Chewning.

    Check out what he and CJ have to say about gettin ripped and having fun with fitness:

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  • Primeval Labs Athlete Seth Feroce Interview

    During our time hanging with the Primeval Labs crew, we got a few minutes to pick Seth Feroce’s brain. He’s a great interview and known to always keep it real.

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  • VPX Bang Energy Drink Interview with James Gracely

    After getting hauled up on stage to chug a BANG, Robert gets a hold of the lead instigator of the Bang chug, James Gracely — VP of Specialy Sales of VPX Sports.

    Robert and James discuss what’s on tap for the brand in 2018, including new flavors of Bang, update on caffeine-free Bang, and thoughts about ProSupps Hyde Power Potion.

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  • Interview with RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman

    CJ and Robert caught up with Aaron Singerman, founder of RedCon1 at the LA Fit expo and discussed what’s in store for the brand in 2018. Highlights include a whole-foods built MRE Bar, MRE Lite, as well as a number of other products that will really push the envelope for supplement innovation.

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  • Interview with Dan Margolis — NutraBio National Sales Manager

    CJ & Robert linked up with the NutraBio crew at the 2018 LA Fit Expo to discuss what NutraBio has cooking this year. CJ pressed NutraBio’s National Sales Manager, Dan Margolis, on what the brand can do to up its “Cool Factor” with the young insta-generation of consumers.

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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