Bang Energy Keto Coffee Cans are Coming from VPX!

Bang Keto Coffee

More than a new Bang flavor, it’s an entirely new keto-friendly coffee RTD coming soon!

Bang Energy continues to push the envelope in 2018 with more spin-offs of their flagship energy drink. The company is now most well-known energy drink, and then they made a stim-free variety, next came Bang Energy Shots (to be covered here soon), and now they’re set to release a keto-friendly Coffee. Bang Keto-Coffee is a different breed compared to the regular energy drink by integrating complex modifications to make it a protein and C8 MCT Oil fat-enhanced ready-to-drink coffee beverage.

This isn’t VPX’s first go-round with Keto, as we were incredibly impressed with their Meltdown Keto drinks (see our Keto Meltdown Review), which we were impressed with, especially since they chose to include potassium BHB (read why we’re such fans of extra potassium on the keto diet to understand why).

New Bang Energy Flavor – Keto Coffee

The owner, Jack Owoc, leaked information on Bang Keto-Coffee on October 17th, 2018 by stating:

“This will be the next big thing from Bang Energy. Consumers are looking for keto-friendly options, however there hadn’t been any keto friendly coffee RTDs. The biggest issue is the RTD’s are filled with excessive sugars and do not have adequate protein and fat.”

— Jack Owoc, VPX Sports

Bang Keto Coffee contains C-8 MCT’s which is more ketogenic than coconut oil (mostly C12) and mixed fatty acid MCT’s. Bang Keto-Coffee also has 20 grams of high-quality protein from whey protein isolates (WPI) and milk protein concentrates (MPC).

The Bang Keto-Coffee Energy Drink will provide:

  • 1 gram of Sugar
  • 300mg of Caffeine
  • 140 Calories (likely mostly from C8 MCT Oil and Protein)
VPX Meltdown Keto

Don’t sleep on Meltdown Keto either!

Note: The VPX owner has stated research has shown that 300mg of caffeine enhances ketosis by 116%.

VPX Sports doesn’t yet have an exact date on when the Bang Keto-Coffee will launch, but the estimated arrival is shortly after the new year in 2019.

So far we’re expecting three flavors at the debut:

  • Heavenly Hazelnut,
  • Cookies and Cream, and
  • Mocha Madness.

But you know that if this is successful, there will likely be more (Irish Cream? French Vanilla? Blueberry Muffin anybody?!)

We’ve seen Keto Coffee Creamers from the likes of Sparta Nutrition, but a pro-keto coffee drink right from the fridge? That’s some next-level stuff there.

Don’t miss our Monster vs. Bang lawsuit coverage!

Meanwhile, the company is so hot that they’re in their third round of lawsuits from Monster Energy, who clearly dislikes the new kid on the block. Listen to lawyer Jay Manfre discuss the Monster Energy vs. Bang lawsuit, and the “low blows” displayed by Monster in their complaint.

Bang Energy alerts on PricePlow are always hopping, especially since they release new flavors every day. You will not want to let your eyes falter when the best deals and coupons for Bang hit the market.

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