Keto Cheat Meal Rescue! How to use BHB Salts to Save a Keto Fail

Keto dieter who knocked yourself out of ketosis with a bad cheat meal? Then knock yourself back in with BHB + energy from our sponsor and co-author, Vaxxen Labs’ KETO-1!

Keto Cheat Meal Rescue

Long story short: this ketone-based energy drink can help “override” a cheat meal, but get ready for serious energy – time to work out! See Vaxxen Labs KETO-1 on PricePlow.

You messed up. You ate something you shouldn’t have and now your body has been thrown out of ketosis.

While not ideal, it’s a problem that can actually be easily remedied with BHB salts! That’s right — this can be fixed (and faster than you think), but you don’t have a ton of time to wait.

So get off the pity train and discover how a supplement can save your diet and get you back on the right health track in minimal time!

First, some basics on the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet (also known as the keto diet) is more of a “state of energy use” than a diet. Instead of focusing solely on low-calorie intake or choosing low-fat options, you scientifically change the way your body fuels itself by what you eat.

In a typical ketogenic diet, followers should consume 5% or less of carbs each day along with 15-30% protein, leaving the majority 60% to 75% to fat. Yes, this is a high-fat diet. This means skipping bread, pasta, and rice and opting for eggs, meat, high-fat dairy, coconut oil, and other items with enough fat to make the average dieter gasp.

Switching from glucose to ketones

Ketogenic Diet Improves Memory

In the experiment, the cyclic ketogenic diet improved nearly every cognitive/mental marker – and the subjects started the keto diet 1/3 of the way into their lives!

How does it all work? Our bodies typically rely on glucose for energy (provided by carbohydrates or sometimes even excessive protein). When we limit our carbohydrate intake and keep the protein moderate enough, our body is forced to find an alternative source of energy. That fuel choice is your own fat.

As the body switches to utilizing fat cells for energy, the liver generates ketones in the process. This state is known as ketosis and allows for rapid weight loss, improved brain function, and increased physical performance – especially in certain individuals whose bodies are genetically great at producing and utilizing ketones.

The bad news: sugar must be dealt with first

Unfortunately, it’s simple to throw the body out of ketosis. Heading out to a birthday celebration with friends at a trendy restaurant, finding yourself starving during lunch without any keto-friendly foods, or simply allowing yourself to indulge in your favorite carbs on cheat day are just some of the ways you can halt the production of ketones.

Keto Diet Longevity

Three questions: 1. Will you live longer? 2. Will it be better quality living? and 3. Do you even want to live that long?

Reason being, when you spike your blood sugar, your body must deal with that first. It has energy it must either use or store (otherwise, too high of blood sugar for too long is toxic). While working on that, the body no longer has reason to produce ketones – it has all the energy it needs in the form of sugar right here right now!

What can you do? Give up and go back to a life of bread and all of the pain it causes some of us? Begin the slow (and sometimes miserable) path towards ketosis the hard way?

These are all viable options, but a better solution is to slam some BHB salts and “override” that cheat.

Whether you’ve heard of them or not, you’ve been consuming BHB, or beta hydroxybutyrate, your entire life. This is the ketone. And once you understand what BHB salts are and how they operate, you’ll be able to save yourself from future keto mistakes.

What are BHB Salts?


go-BHB is a patented form of “super” BHB that binds it to various mineral salts to improve bioavailability and decrease its acidity.

BHB, or beta-hydroxybutyrate is an “alternative energy source” found in nature. It’s in many foods you already eat, like eggs and milk. In addition, your body can produce it as the primary ketone body discussed above. But to do so, it needs to eliminate those circulating carbohydrates first.

There’s a chance you’ve started this process after a long nighttime sleep — for instance, if you ate dinner at 6:30pm then didn’t eat until you woke up until 8am, you likely have a small amount of ketone production started. This is the start of ketosis, but the process of fully utilizing just ketones can take days, and getting your body fully adapted at it can take weeks to months! While you’re in transition, this is a time of low-energy.

So if your cells have far less glucose available, but your body hasn’t yet come online with serious ketone production as its “alternative energy” source, what can you do? You don’t want to cheat and go back to carbs… but you can take extra BHB yourself!

Supplementing Ketones

When it comes to supplementation, the best way to consume BHB is with the help of salt. That salt isn’t necessarily what’s sitting in a shaker on your dining room table. It’s a specific type of chemical compound. Made up of positively charged and negatively charged components, salts dissociate in water-based solutions (like your blood!).

The most popular forms of BHB salts are when it’s bound to sodium, potassium, calcium, or magnesium – items people on low-carb diets need anyway! When you consume BHB salts directly, they’re absorbed into the bloodstream, immediately putting ketones into your blood for use by your mitochondria, the powerhouses of all of your cells.

So by consuming BHB salts, you’re speeding up the process and skipping some of the not so pleasant side effects of entering ketosis – plus those minerals they’re bound to are helpful as well.

So if you’ve made a mess with a cheat meal but you’ve cut out the carbs and remained focus on a ketogenic diet only to have a single meal erase your hard work, it’s time for professional help – BHB salts.

How to Get Back on Track with BHB Salts

So, where can you get your hands on BHB salts? Vaxxen Labs KETO-1 (compare with PricePlow’s Keto1 prices) is a great option.

It’s actually an energy supplement made with caffeine and, you guessed it, BHB salts! Take a look at its natural ingredients.

What’s in Keto-1?

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate


    Might as well get your energy while adding exogenous ketones! See prices on Vaxxen Labs KETO-1 on PricePlow

    Here’s what you’re looking for. Whether you’re the perfect keto follower or want to eliminate excess carbs in your body a bit faster, BHB is the way to go.

    The three forms of BHB used here are sodium BHB, calcium BHB, and magnesium BHB. You’re getting the full “patented” dose of 11.7g BHB salts here – a solid amount!

  • Caffeine

    Even though BHB provides energy, you might not have the time to wait for it to kick in. KETO-1 includes 130mg of caffeine per serving, just enough to give you the burst of energy you need to make it through until BHB does the rest.

  • Sweeteners

    Erythritol is a sugar alcohol with very low glycemic impact, helping KETO-1 taste so much better than other BHB drinks.

    Stevia is an all-natural sweetener gives KETO-1 a great taste without adding excess calories or carbohydrates.

    Katemfe Fruit Extract is a unique ingredient also aids in KETO-1’s flavor. It provides a unique sweetness that lasts long after you’ve finished your serving. It’s sometimes known as Thaumatin.


KETO-1 is a drink supplement. Mix one scoop into a glass of water (at least 12 ounces). Some drink it cold while others swear by it as a hot drink (confirmed – green apple is fantastic warm). Either way, it can be taken with or without food and while you’re in or out of ketosis.

Try KETO-1:

Vaxxen Labs

Vaxxen Labs is an up-and-coming brand with a unique two-tier model. Mainstream/keto stuff on Amazon, more hardcore stuff on their website!

  • Before a workout
  • During a tough day at the office for a mental boost
  • On days when you want enhanced levels of ketosis
  • After going overboard on carbohydrates
  • When you’re hungry but unable to secure keto-friendly options

What to expect after using KETO-1:

The answer to this lies in how “bad” you messed up. Did you go slightly over your daily carb intake or did you eat ten loaves of bread?

If you’re using KETO-1 after falling out of ketosis, the sudden presence of BHB in your system will tell your body to stay in ketone-burning mode, even if your glucose levels are still high.

You should skip some of the dreaded side effects of re-entering ketosis, like drowsiness, sugar cravings, and even bad breath, or at least experience minimal occurrences of them.

All kinds of energy – time to work out!

If you just ate a cheat meal, and then worked to ‘mask’ it with KETO-1, you know have essentially three energy sources (the cheat meal, the BHB Salts from KETO-1, and the caffeine), so now may be a great time to get in some exercise to burn off that sugar! So after watching closely what you eat and adding in an extra exercise session if possible, you can find yourself back in ketosis in a matter of hours.

If you’re using KETO-1 while still in ketosis, you should experience an undeniable burst of energy. Many use KETO-1 in the mornings to boost their brain power and physical endurance levels. Just be sure to follow the directions and monitor your ketone levels.

Other benefits of BHB salts

Keto Diet Sodium

There’s a white grainy molecule that causes a ton of health problems… but it’s not this one! It’s sugar, not salt/sodium.

Besides the main benefit of BHB salts (raising ketones in your body), there are a few other to consider. BHB salts:

  • Balance blood sugar

    As ketones are released into your bloodstream, many individuals experience an instant improvement in insulin sensitivity. Blood sugar levels often normalize, and sudden or intense food cravings often subside.

  • Provide a blast of energy

    BHB salts can be used by those already in ketosis for a sudden burst of energy. Blood flow improves, and blood vessels expand, allowing your body to perform at optimal levels either during an exercise routine or a day of errands.

  • Can improve your overall health

    Studies show that elevated levels of ketones can prevent and treat certain diseases and conditions. BHB salts may slow down the division and growth of cancer cells. They have also shown they play a role in preventing stroke and heart complications. Many use BHB salts to stabilize their mood and help treat migraines.

Side effects of BHB salts

While not considered dangerous, there are a few situations in which BHB salts should be avoided. Don’t consume BHB salts if:

  • You’re on a high-carb diet

    If you don’t follow a ketogenic diet, using BHB salts won’t do much for you. Because your body is getting its energy from glucose, adding BHB salts to your diet won’t help you enter ketosis.

    There is a caveat here for athletes, but they need to first get fat-adapted, and then they can take both carbs and ketones for a dual energy source.

  • You are sensitive to the minerals bound to the BHB

    At 485mg per 100g of ‘meat’, Avocados often become one of a keto dieter’s most important sources of potassium. But you still might find yourself coming short for the day, especially compared to your sodium numbers.

    If you’ve never taken BHB salts before, start slowly. They can cause some unpleasant gastrointestinal issues when suddenly taken in copious quantities. Start with a smaller dose than instructed and slowly build up to the recommended amount over several days or weeks.

    This is especially true if you already take a lot of magnesium and then add more in the form of Magnesium BHB!

    Keeping electrolytes in balance

    Another note is to make sure that you get enough potassium alongside the sodium! The sodium / potassium balance is very critical – a 3:2 ratio is our “default” starting point.

  • You’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes


    See prices on KETO-1 on PricePlow

    Though the state of ketosis can help patients with type 2 diabetes, it is always recommended to first speak with a doctor before consuming BHB salts. Elevating ketones or dropping blood sugar too low unexpectedly can have serious side effects, especially if alongside medication.

Ketosis has some truly amazing benefits. It’s more than worth the sacrifices and challenging work. But life happens. If you find yourself out of ketosis, don’t beat yourself up. BHB salts can save the day.

KETO-1 isn’t the only option out there but we do believe it to be the best option – especially if you want some energy and great taste. For safe and effective BHB salts that provide the results you’re looking for, try KETO-1.

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