Jack3d Micro Blowout Sale – 40 Servings for $16

USPLabs Jack3d Micro

Finally, a USPLabs product has landed on our Deals page!

If you’re looking to get pumped on a budget, we’ve got a nice deal for you:

40 servings of USPLabs Jack3d Micro for $16!

This should give you well under $1.00 per workout, since most users like 1.5 to 2 scoops to really feel it.

What’s the story with Jack3d Micro?

We think this is an underrated pre workout for those who want just workout enhancement with very few other bells and whistles. It has three pump ingredients that hit you in different timing phases, so your workouts get better and better as the nitrates kick in later.

There’s no beta alanine and no creatine in here, so if you already take those (or don’t like them), then you don’t need to pay for them double here.

But if you’re seeking terrific pumps without “drug-like” energy, this is a deal to look for.

It’s all about expectations

When it came out, reviews were very polarized. For some, this is exactly what they needed – epic pumps with stable energy. For others, it was a letdown.

Jack3d Micro Ingredients

Jack3d Micro’s Ingredients – DMAA Free

The reason for any of the negativity towards Jack3d Micro was due to expectations. Remember, this came out just after the original Jack3d drama was starting to go down.

So when another product under the “Jack3d” franchise came out right after the original was dropping from shelves, users who didn’t do their research or didn’t understand the ingredients immediately expected another crazy product with DMAA-like energy.

Unfortunately for them, that wasn’t the case, and no matter how much USP marketed it differently (they advertised “pumps from the heavens” and even the bottle and label are completely different), users thought they were going to get another can of pure crazy energy.

Meanwhile, with 40 servings instead of 45 from the OG Jack3d, we were hoping we could sink our teeth into some lower prices (like this one here) sooner. But it took us too long to get the prices down.

So to reiterate, there’s no DMAA in here, and the stimulant load is obviously less. But the pumps are far greater, and if that’s what you’re looking for, this deal is a steal.

Stay Tuned: USP’s bringing some 2014 thunder

Get ready for more discussion on USPLabs – we’ve already discussed the upcoming release of AminoLIFT from the sounds of it, 2014 is going to end up being one of their most productive years ever, with a very busy launch schedule. More on that later.

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