Gaspari Nutrition Co-Ownership Acquired by Hi-Tech’s Jared Wheat

Jared Wheat Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nutrition has found a home — with Rich Gaspari and Jared Wheat teaming up for what might be an unstoppable duo!

It’s been a wild ride for Gaspari over the past few years, but they’ve finally found a home: Jared Wheat has purchased co-ownership of Gaspari Nutrition with Rich Gaspari in a partnership that pits the two men as co-owners. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Wheat is the owner of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

This comes about a year and a half after Gaspari was sold in a bankruptcy auction for a bit over $10 million, after which they produced a few new hit supplements such as the SP250 pre workout and the Nova-X testosterone booster. Both of those supplements use ingredients now in Hi-Tech’s other products, so there was likely a lot of cooperation and synergy all along.

Rich Gaspari is Ready

In the formal press release, Rich Gaspari, the founder and visionary of the company, went on the record:

“Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals supply chain management and production facilities are a perfect strategic fit. This new ownership arrangement underscores our goal of bringing Gaspari Nutrition back to a position of leadership in the global sports nutrition industry”

— Rich Gaspari

After a twenty minute phone call with Rich himself, I can tell you that he sounds like a new man, ready to take over the world with a fury. We’re going to get him on record for an interview soon, but basically everything you want out of Gaspari is coming back, and Hi-Tech has the manufacturing firepower to make it happen.

And we mean everything:

The king of prohormones to take his throne back

1-Testosterone Hi-Tech Pharma

Hi-Tech’s already in Rich’s wheelhouse… what’s to come next? We’re look at you, Halodrol…

As a self-proclaimed “king of prohormones”, this puts Rich and company in a very interesting position. It’s no secret that Hi-Tech Pharma is currently leading the way with the next generation of prohormones, including the popular and clinically-verified DHEA metabolite, 1-Andro (found in their two new hot supplements, 1-AD and 1-Testosterone).

This is further reinforced by Hi-Tech’s acquisition of LG Sciences (LG stands for Legal Gear), and Hi-Tech’s massive investment into their Cyclosome Delivery System for hard-to-absorb supplements such as prohormones.

With all that in mind, one can only guess that Gaspari is bringing back some more aggressive supplements themselves. One name we find very interesting in their press release?[1]


Could it be possible that these ridiculously popular prohormones are going to make their way back with Rich’s blessing? We’re not sure, but it almost makes too much sense… our guess is that we’ll see something similar to the potent APS Androbolic 250 coming out of the Gaspari brand sooner or later.

Other products envisioned

Rich Gaspari is selling his company (or part of it)

The man behind the plan – Rich Gaspari – is back where he belongs: Selling serious supplements!

Beyond Halodrol, the article mentions Novedex XT, an aromatase inhibitor that was never quite topped, as well as PlasmaJet and SuperPump 250, all supplements that were successful to epic levels.

On top of that, the press release also goes on to quote Rich’s excitement over energy shots and ready-to-drink beverages, something we don’t believe we’ve seen from Gaspari Nutrition.

Could a SuperPump shot be imminent? We’re licking our chops to find out…

Jared Wheat chimes in

We’ve contacted both Jared Wheat and Rich Gaspari for some fresh quotes for PricePlow. Until they come in, here’s a quote from Mr. Wheat:

“The combination of Gaspari and Hi-Tech provides a powerful opportunity to transform our industry. It will produce the world’s premier Sports Supplement company whose distinct blend of Muscle & Strength products, Weight loss aids and Protein production positions it for success in a dynamic global Sports Nutrition environment.

Our geographic presence in the United States and most of the world’s developed and developing countries will be unrivaled. Rich and I believe we can better execute our strategy and can accomplish far more together in the years ahead than either company could have achieved on its own.”

Sounds like a powerful one-two combination. With Wheat’s operational domination, and Gaspari’s charismatic “front-man” abilities, this seems like exactly what the both of these powerful businessmen needed.

We have high expectations

Gaspari SP250

Gaspari’s new branding is pretty sexy. But what if you made a DMAA-based SuperPump?! Or better yet, bring back Spirodex?!

As our readers are well aware, we’re huge fans of Hi-Tech Pharma, whose DMAA supplements are unrivaled on top of the pre workout and fat burner industries. This has led us to ask them to sponsor us – because they already dominate our best pre workout and best fat burner pages anyway!

However, we will always maintain total openness and honesty, and will seriously evaluate all Gaspari products and ask the hard questions and fight for open formulas and stimulant profile disclosures as we have in the past.

We have high expectations for Gaspari. They’ve finally found the home they needed.

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Note: This original version of this article contained inaccuracies. Jared Wheat is now co-owner of Gaspari Nutrition, but it is not under the Hi-Tech Pharma umbrella.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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