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Hiring: Web Designer Wanted for PricePlow 2.0

Update: This job has been filled and is long since completed.

The Current PricePlow Square Logo

Our current square logo. Call me boring, but I want this site to be mostly black/white/grayscales with just some accent color.

Great news – We are slowly crawling towards the beta release of our revamped PricePlow 2.0 system, and it’s time to find a designer for the front-end!

About PricePlow 2.0

You can think of this as an “e-commerce template on steroids”, but without a shopping cart.*

BUT – I don’t want it to look like any boring old e-commerce store. While we love the stores whose prices we compare, and enjoy working with them… we’re simply not fans of their designs. So let’s do…

Something Different!

I was inspired to do something new when I saw this template here.

It’s full-width, responsive, and scrolling. Designed with these ideas in mind… no need for sidebar nonsense, small fonts, or clutter.

Three Main Pages

Can an e-commerce style site be full-width and responsive? Let's find out!

Our initial inspiration to do something different. Can an e-commerce style site be full-width and responsive? Let’s find out!

There are three main pages I want to focus on:

  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page

These are templates, and they need to be flexible…

Templated for Heavy and Light Content

Flexible you say? Let’s take a look at some examples on why.

  • Category Pages

    For instance, some categories will have tons of content and several subcategories (see our main protein category), but then others will be pretty empty (see capsule amino acids).

    We love long content about Protein, but right now, the price listings are nowhere to be found! That’s one thing we gotta solve.

  • Product Pages

    Similarly, look at two products. An easy one is our USPLabs TEST Powder page… one size, one flavor, no problem.

    But then there’s the nightmare product: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein. This nightmare of a product actually has five different sizes, is carried at every store, and I can’t even count how many flavors there really are.

So the design needs to work for both situations.

Calls to Action

Marketing expertise is helpful too. There are going to be a few key “calls to action” that need to be made.

Interested? Design Specs Available Upon Request

If you’re up to the task, then Contact Me with your portfolio and we’ll send over our detailed specs! You can then send over your quote ASAP.

Help Invent the Future

Right now, things are pretty standard. We’re not inventing anything too major… yet.*

But by the time this site is “done”, it will be unlike anything that’s ever existed before. If you’re inventive, then get in touch with me and let’s storm the gates.

Thanks! -Mike

* But perhaps a virtual shopping cart for version 2.5……….

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