SodaStream Pre Workout Hack: Upgrade Your C4 with FIZZ!

Cellucor C4 SodaStream

Today’s blog shifts away from the breakdowns and studies to bring you a fun hack to upgrade your standard pre workout drink into a fizzy cocktail.

Today, we take a break from the breakdowns, studies, reviews, and exposés to bring you a unique hack that will decidedly upgrade your pre workout experience. Recently, we’ve been playing around with the SodaStream machine.

Why bother with carbonation?

Why not?!

Everyone knows that drinking plain water can get boring. That’s why there’s coffee, tea, and soft drinks in general. Yes, water is great (and essential for livelihood), but sometimes it needs a little PSI injected into it.

Fizz is also a refreshing way to give a clean, crisp bite to an otherwise flavorless liquid.

The Tools

For this supplement hack, you’ll need the following equipment:

Ready to get your bubbly on? Here’s how!

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How to use the SodaStream for Pre Workout Bliss

  1. Fill the SodaStream bottle with ice, cold water. This isn’t an absolute requirement, but I find you’ll use less carbonation to get the desired effect.
  2. Hook the bottle into the SodaStream Machine.
  3. Carbonation

    Pulse to desired level of fizz with the SodaStream. The guide recommends 3 pulses, but we find 5-6 to be the “sweet” spot for a perfectly fizzy beverage.

    Now, you’re going to “pulse” the carbonation into the water. Basically, what you’ll do here is press the button and release in short spurts. You’ll do this between 3-6 times.

    Those of you who like a flatter tasting soda go for 3 pulses. If you like it really, really bubbly feel free to do a few extra. Personally, we’ve found 5-6 to be the sweet spot.

    Note: You’ve reached maximum carbonation when you start to hear a “buzzing” sound from the machine while pulsing. This usually occurs around the 8-10 pulse mark.

  4. After pulsing to desired carbonation level, don’t touch anything for 10-15 seconds. If you pull the bottle out too soon after carbonating the water, nearly all of the pressure escapes the bottle and you’ll be left with incredibly flat water (this pointer isn’t included in Soda Stream’s directions).

    Now you can disconnect the carbonation bottle from the machine.

  5. Here’s where the fun starts! Grab your Blender Bottle (or other favorite shaker) and add whichever pre workout you’re feeling the day to the bottle.

    Lately, I’ve been test-driving Cellucor’s C4 Neuro Icy Blue Razz flavor. This is a lower stim pre workout for me (150mg caffeine per scoop), but I’ve found that I only need one scoop thanks to the cognitive support ingredients. The combination of the nootropics and caffeine/theacrine combo give plenty of energy, as well as some solid focus during workouts (the most important thing I look for in pre workouts).

  6. Cellucor C4 Neuro Carbonated

    Add the carbonated water to a Blender bottle with the powder in it. DO NOT add the powder to the SodaStream bottle before carbonating, or you’ll be sorry….

    Once the powder is added into the shaker, pour in as much soda water as you’d like. It can be 8-16 oz depending on how much liquid you like to mix your standard pre workouts with.

    In the video, we used 8-10 oz. of water.

    Important: Do NOT put the powder in the SodaStream bottle before carbonating. If you do that, you’ll end up with a geyser of blue craziness sprayed all over your kitchen. It’s not a fun clean up….trust us…

  7. Once everything is in the blender bottle, shake away to mix everything together and enjoy! You are now the proud recipient of a wonderfully bubbly, delicious pre workout cocktail that not only tastes better than the standard water+pre mix, it’s also a heck of alot cheaper than some of those RTD carbonated pre’s on the market.

    If you already have some RTDs on hand that aren’t carbonated, like Cellucor’s C4 On-the-Go, you could also add those into the SodaStream bottle instead of water and then carbonate from there and enjoy the same bubbly perfection we just described above.

Lastly, there may be one possible “benefit” to drinking carbonated pre workouts. Anecdotal accounts from some of the various message board users out there report that the carbonation helps the pre workout hit “harder” due to increased absorption from the carbonation.

We haven’t seen any studies to back this up, but give it a try for yourself and see if you notice your stims kicking in more.

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Happy Hacking!

There you have it boys and girls!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little “supplement hack” and if you’ve enjoyed it, give it a shot on your own and let us know how you like to take your pre workouts.

Also, if you’re interested in more of these supplement hacks, make sure to drop a comment below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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