Free Samples of the Primeval Labs Workout Stack

Free Samples of Primeval Labs

Primeval Labs is about to send you two free samples: the Adrenal Rush V2 pre workout and BIOS3 IntraCell 7 intra workout!

Primeval Labs and PricePlow are here to send you two free samples:

  1. The Adrenal Rush V2 pre workout, and
  2. BIOS3 Intracell 7, the enhanced “sports drink” for real athletes!

Share this one with all your friends – Primeval’s giving away 25 per day in the US!

Just follow the prompts below, and when you see the form, enter your name, address, and email.

Note: 25 sample packs will be given out each day. If you’ve come too late, then try again early tomorrow (clock resets at midnight central time).

Primeval Labs Free Sample Terms

  • US only. Shipped via USPS (no tracking available)
  • Upon submission, you will be signed up for Primeval Labs’ Newsletter and PricePlow’s Primeval Labs price drop alerts and hot deal alerts.

  • One sample per household (ever). Duplicates will be completely removed.

What is Adrenal Rush V2?

Adrenal Rush V2 is a cutting-edge pre workout supplement that delivers performance, power, and improved endurance! It doesn’t have any ‘exotic’ stimulants that could freak you out — just solid, strong, and high-energy workouts! Read more on our Adrenal Rush V2 page and see the label below:

Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush

Your first free sample is a serving of the Adrenal Rush V2 pre workout

What about BIOS3 Intracell 7?

BIOS3 Intracell 7 is an intraworkout supplement that you take while training – think of this is a true sports drink for athletes and weightlifters. Named after Jerry Ward’s BIOS3 training, Intracell 7 has high quality carbohydrates in HBCD (highly-branched cyclic dextrin), nitric oxide pump and endurance enhancement from NitroSigine (arginine silicate), and 4g BCAAs to keep your muscles from killing themselves!

Primeval Labs BIOS3 Intracell 7 Ingredients

Your second free sample will be what you drink during your workout – to experience enhanced pumps and endurance. And… it tastes fantastic!

Both of these supplements taste incredible — but we’ll leave that to you to decide – grab your free samples using the form up above!

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