DHA on Discount – Health From The Sun for $7.00

Health from the Sun Eco-DHA is on sale!

Health from the Sun Eco-DHA is on sale!

Unless you’re eating plenty of fatty fish, you probably want to be supplementing a high DHA fish oil. These are the omega-3’s that have been linked to a plethora of incredible cardiovascular studies. To learn about them, see our DHA page.

So here’s today’s great deal:

30 servings of Health from the Sun – Eco DHA for $70

Each serving brings a very nice 800mg of DHA — this comes from 60 softgels in the whole bottle. More good news is that they are orange flavored, so if you can’t stand other softgels, maybe these will work for you.

The benefits of DHA

Beyond eating quality fish and less low-quality fat, this is a great start to equalizing a potentially terrible Omega-3/Omega-6 fatty acid ratio, which we westerners typically have. Poor Omega-3/Omega-6 ratios are shown to be one of our several heart killers — not just quantities of fats, but ratios. This is discussed on our main fish oil page.

Quick Rant on Omega-3

When talking about omega-3’s, one thing that drives us nuts is how several ‘naturalists’ and vegans / strict vegetarians claim that they can get their Omega-3 fatty acids in from plants, such as flax seeds or hemp protein.

While that is technically true, it misses the major point, which is that it’s the DHA and EPA that are most important in omega-3’s (see our DHA page for studies)… and unfortunately, the ALA in hemp protein does not convert well to DHA.[1,2]

So, the point being… find a way to get your fats from fish in.

Humans are fish-eaters. Deal with it.

Deals page Update

We’ve added some new stores to the site, which has exposed a few bugs in our deals system. Hope to have them fixed over the weekend so we can get back to work on Monday!

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