Dedicated Nutrition’s “Unstoppable” Lives up to its Name

Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable

Get ready, folks. This one lives up to its name.

When Dedicated Nutrition gave the title “Unstoppable” to its new preworkout supplement, it set expectations high.

Fortunately, Unstoppable delivers on its promise, and the up-and-coming Canadian company is sure to have a worldwide hit on its hands.

Although Dedicated hasn’t yet made its way into US stores and PricePlow, you can monitor the Dedicated brand for up-to-the-minute updates.

What’s so great about Unstoppable?

We review dozens upon dozens of pre workouts in search of the one that will actually make a difference. Something that will amplify your workout far beyond anything else on the market, and will actually directly contribute to your gains (or losses, if dieting).

The last one was Myokem’s Nitramine. The next one is Unstoppable.

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The Unstoppable Ingredients

Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable Ingredients

The Unstoppable Ingredients

You’ve likely already seen glowing write-ups of Unstoppable elsewhere; review after review praises its efficacy in delivering solid workouts.

But what’s under the hood making Unstoppable so effective? Let’s take a quick look at a transparently-labeled 5.5g serving:

Focus and energy

In each serving (which is ¾ of a scoop), Unstoppable features two forms of caffeine (225mg total), higenamine (50mg), hordenine (50mg), theobromine-bearing cocoa extract (10mg), Astragin™ notoginseng (50mg), and AMP-laden “Ampheta-Tea™” (400mg).

  • Two forms of caffeine totaling 225mg

    The caffeine dose, featuring plain old anhydrous (175mg) and malate (50mg) forms is effective at one serving (remember, 3/4 scoop) and way strong at two (too strong, in our opinions). The inclusion of the malate form ostensibly smooths out the duration and intensity of the energy boost, reducing the familiar “crash” that lots of caffeine can bring.

  • Higenamine

    Higenamine is a beta adrenergic agonist[1] considered to be a “weaker ephedrine.” Although its stimulatory properties are relatively mild on its own, it becomes increasing potent when coupled with caffeine and other ingredients. 50mg is a very effective dose, judging by usages such as the 40mg suspected in PES’s Alpha-T2.

  • Hordenine

    Hordenine is an interesting compound in that it appears to behave as a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor[2,3]. What this means it that it can conceivably enhance the duration and intensity of stimulatory effects from other ingredients, potentially transforming a strong but fleeting rush into a euphoric and long-lasting energy surge.

  • Cocoa extracts of the Gods

    Cocoa extract has an array of alkaloids and flavonoids that are of interest to sports nutrition supplementation. Theobromine is respected for its mood and cognitive effects (it’s “the chocolate chemical”) and (-)-epicatechin is gaining increasing interest for its muscle-building properties in products like Myokem’s Magnitropin, which in at least one user’s experience is “simply amazing.”

    Notoginseng is widely known not only for its noticeable effects on cognition and wellbeing, but also for its favorable effects on glucose control that are suspected to extend to overall nutrient partitioning.

  • Ampheta-Tea: The AMP Citrate powerhouse

    AMP Citrate

    AMP Citrate seems to be the “Next Big Thing”, and is structurally similar to DMAA. But how much of this Ampheta-Tea is actually AMP Citrate?

    As for Ampheta-Tea™, we’ve written on the efficacy of AMP Citrate in a previous post, and combining it with a cocktail of other stimulants and cognitive-enhancers provides a strong and steady energy boost and mood lift. This stuff is often likened to the old 1,3-DMAA in effects.

One scoop and that’s all she wrote

Ultimately, this stim profile ends up making Unstoppable a true 1-scoop product for us – just a bit over one serving.

Oftentimes, when that happens, you don’t get enough of a pump though. Not the case here…

Surprisingly Strong Pumps and endurance

Unstoppable has this category covered, too: trimethylglycine nitrate, N-carbamyl glutamate, and glycerol monostearate (1000mg each) together with L-norvaline (125mg) and trademarked extracts of rhodiola rosea (100mg) and selaginella tamariscina (50mg) set up a powerful muscle-expanding combo.

  • Betaine nitrate

    TMG (betaine) nitrate is, unsurprisingly, trimethylglycine bound to a nitrate ion. Although the synergy of the two has yet to be truly proven, TMG on its own is well-respected both for its potent homocysteine-fighting properties[4] and possible strength- and endurance-boosting benefits[5]. Nitrates, meanwhile, are the gold standard of pump ingredients, fueling direct nitric oxide conversion that decreases fatigue and increases tissue volume.

    We’re big fans of betaine (as discussed in this blog post here), and even bigger fans of nitrates. This. Ingredient. ROCKS.

  • N-carbamyl glutamate

    N-carbamyl glutamate is an arginine booster that should provide the kinds of pumps you’d expect from a nitric enhancer, but interestingly has also been implicated in increasing muscle protein synthesis[6].

  • Glycerol Monostearate

    If it doesn't scare you, it's not heavy enough. Dedicated Nutrition

    Work with a spotter if you’re going to listen to Dedicated’s social media ads

    Glycerol monostearate is a rather well-known cell volumizer that draws fluid into muscle cells; L-norvaline, meanwhile, is an arginase inhibitor — by reducing the levels of the stuff that breaks arginine down, you end up with higher, more sustained levels, particularly when coupling it with other ingredients.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

    Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen respected for its strong anti-fatigue effects as well as its beneficial impact on mood, cognition, and even depression.

    This is our favorite herb at PricePlow — this stuff is nearly magical for some people. You can read more about it on our main rhodiola rosea page.

  • Selaginella tamariscina

    Selaginella tamariscina, meanwhile, contains the compound known as amentoflavone. This ingredient is regarded for its strength-enhancing[7], fat-busting[8,9], and mood-improving[10] effects, and is becoming more popular by the day. You can get it alone in Analyzed Supplements’ AmentoMax, and is in formulas like PES’s Norcodrene, ANS’s Dilate (the new powder formula), and SAN’s upcoming Megatron.

Little extras

To round out the formula, Unstoppable also includes a hydrating electrolyte complex of sodium, magnesium and calcium phosphates (100mg each), along with some vitamin C (50mg) to complement the nitrate content.

Although you’re unlikely to use Unstoppable in combination with a long-duration endurance sport that will really tax your hydration and electrolytes, a little top-off is always a welcome addition.

The vitamin C, meanwhile, is important when co-ingesting nitrates because it acts as a reducing agent, in this case limiting the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines from the stuff we actually want out of the nitrates.

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Putting it together: the picture’s not entirely complete

On paper, Unstoppable’s formula seems to be a dream come true: energy, focus, pumps, and endurance all in one synergistic package.  The only snag in performing a true by-the-numbers evaluation is the secrecy surrounding the standardizations of several key ingredients:

  • Ampheta-Tea™ is beyond a doubt an AMP citrate product, but it’s unclear how much of the 400mg listed is “active.”

    Given that product directions instruct a range of “1-2 scoops,” this could have a significant bearing on the overall stimulant content — there’s no way it’s fully active because 800mg of AMP citrate would be overkill for almost anyone!

  • EPO-Drol™, the 100mg rhodiola extractive, is described in Dedicated’s product literature as “almost pure salidroside.”

    This leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but seems a little strange given that it’d be on the order of 5-20 times the commonly-studied salidroside dosages for endurance and fatigue-fighting [11,12,13]. Meanwhile, most other manufacturers extract rosavins from Rhodiola, so this is clearly different.

  • Adreno-Pump™, the selaginella tamariscina extract delivering amentoflavone, has an unlisted and unhinted standardization.

    We know from the standalone take in AmentoMax by Analyzed Supplements that a 40mg or 80mg dose of amentoflavone is highly effective; this leaves a very narrow window on the quality of Dedicated’s standardization to provide an effective dose on this 50mg black box.

  • It’s unclear what Dedicated is aiming for in its 10mg inclusion of cocoa extract…

    …and there really are a lot of interesting potential things within. Regardless, looking at common choices like theobromine or (-)-epicatechin, 10mg is likely a little on the low side to provide more than the proverbial icing on the cake.

    But (-)-epicatechin seem to be quite anabolic, and most pre workouts don’t have such an ingredient, so it could be a long-term difference maker.

Needless to say, Dedicated is taking a lot of new ingredient technologies and putting them into this product. When researching each of the possibilities, it’s not a major surprise this product is such a home run.

Does Unstoppable do its job? Our quick review

Dedicated Nutrition

Stay Dedicated! It took Dedicated four years to perfect the Unstoppable pre workout. Are you that dedicated?

Despite the quibbles on the uncertainty of the real amounts of AMP citrate, rhodiola, and amentoflavone, one thing is clear: Unstoppable works, and it works well.

Following a sweet and complex flavor as you drink it down, a strong but not overpowering rush of energy hits fifteen to thirty minutes after ingestion. This is accompanied by a calm, almost tranquil focus that gradually builds and persists for hours, well into your post-workout glow.

Closer to an hour after taking it, Unstoppable really kicks in, with the nitrates and other volumizers fighting fatigue and making the muscles you’re working feel big. Put these together and you have all the makings of a fantastic training session.

Amidst all the praise for its workout improvements, it’s worth noting that Unstoppable does make a few claims that may be a bit… over-the-top.

In its literature, it touts the muscle-building effects of several ingredients, including trimethylglycine (betaine), N-carbamyl glutamate, and cocoa. While there’s good basis for these ingredients being effective, the doses to achieve the kinds of results we’d attribute to them are much higher and much more frequent than what you’ll get out of Unstoppable’s formula.

Dedicated goes so far as to liken its “Cocoa-Drol™” to the illicit PED clenbuterol, which is nothing if not entertaining.

That said… maybe it’s over the top because it’s currently working better than any pre workout we’ve tried. Ever. We’ll see where the chips fall over time.

Again, for most of us, it’s truly a 1 scoop workout – just over 1 serving’s worth. That’s going to be good, because this won’t be the cheapest stuff. But the results are there.

Why can’t I buy this yet?

Defeat is Temporary; Giving up is permanent

Americans: Don’t feel defeated that you can’t get it yet. We’ll have it to you soon enough!

Unstoppable is already released and available in Canada and Europe, but faces some hurdles before it can make a debut in the United States.

There, its inclusion of trimethylglycine nitrate, included in the broadly-defined “amino-bound nitrate” category, is covered under an aggressively-enforced patent held by Ron Kramer’s ThermoLife.[14] Although Dedicated is optimistic about overcoming these legal hurdles by the end of 2014, we’ll have to wait and see how the process goes — and if the stellar product formula can remain intact.

Summing it up

Unstoppable is a tremendously solid preworkout product that achieves an exquisite balance of energy, focus, pumps, and endurance in a way that few products on the market today do. Though the stimulatory hit is strong, it’s steady, focused, and not prone to crash; the pump, meanwhile, is powerful but not debilitating. Each aspect of Dedicated’s flagship effort has been carefully balanced, and the results clearly show.

Although several of the trademarked extracts leave some open questions on the dosing of a few ingredients and yet-unproven additions like N-carbamyl glutamate push the envelope on the science we have available, each and every ingredient serves a purpose in Unstoppable—and the combination just works.

We can’t wait for this product to come Stateside, and we’re jealous of our international friends. Be sure to keep an eye on Dedicated to get the latest from PricePlow.

When Unstoppable is available, it’ll show up in the widget below. Until then, enter your email and sign up for alerts to get notified when it’s ready!

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