Run Your Beta Supplement Log on PricePlow

PricePlow is almost always hiring great writers who love fitness and sports nutrition.

One thing we’d like you to do is to log your product beta testing on the PricePlow Blog.

Brand Reps – Click Here to Skip to the Manufacturer Section. Everyone else, keep reading:

Why Should I Run My Log at PricePlow?

Easy answer: We’ll pay for the product.

Stay Totally Unbiased

Note that this doesn’t really make it a “paid log” in the readers’ eyes though.

Since we’re completely unaffiliated with the product manufacturer, and you’re not paid by them, you can leave your 100% unbiased review. It would instead be “sponsored by PricePlow”.

We understand the value of quality writing, and are willing to pay for it (regardless of it being a log or just some good blog posts).

Run your Beta Supplement Log at PricePlow!

Run your Beta Supplement Log at PricePlow!

We allow the usage of Google Authorship, so if you’re trying to build up your own “personal brand” via Google Plus and YouTube to get more jobs and sponsorship in the industry, this will help you.

We’re also happy to link to + tag your Twitter feed and Facebook page, if you care.

If you’re interested, Contact Us and let’s get started!

Can I Still Log at the Manufacturer’s Forum?

Yes and no. Due to copyright laws, we won’t allow you to copy/paste your log here to their site, but we’re happy to interchange links between the two when new posts are made.

You could have a running thread on the manufacturer’s forum, embed your video and a quick summary, and then link it to here… or vise-versa if that’s what the manufacturer wants.

I’m a Manufacturer – Why Should We Allow a Blog at PricePlow?

Four main reasons:

  • First, and most importantly, the more places generating buzz about your stuff, the better. You don’t want it all getting buried under one site in the search engines.
  • We’ll post the updates to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus, tagging your company along the way. Our following is not huge, but it’s also not small.
  • We’re going to be hosting price comparisons of this product, and we’ll be writing a detailed product description of it. We will take extra time to do ingredient research and link to the best parts of the log.
  • The log will keep your brand on the top of this blog if the logger is consistent. More eyeballs for you.

Contact Us if you have a new product that you want someone to run.

We can also find our own unbiased logger if you want someone completely different, outside of your “family”.

I’m personally happy to run a log here or there, but I’d rather get someone else involved since I’m always too busy to do it justice.

Huh? What’s Going On?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me throw down some quick education:

Nearly every major supplement brand has their own discussion forum, where their loyal community hangs out online, talks product, trades diets/workouts/tips, and motivates each other.

When these companies are ready to release a new product, they give it a beta test with their most hardcore community members. They do this for the following reasons:

  1. Get Feedback on the product across a wide variety of people. Many of us are different types of athletes, and it’s good to see what is working for who.
  2. Fine-tune flavor systems. If the flavor is ‘off’ for too many people, there’s still time for the manufacturer to fix it up before releasing a flop to the world and losing serious money
  3. Fine-tune dosage instructions. Sometimes the label needs to be updated, as beta testers find out certain things, like “it works best pre workout”, or “take with food”.
  4. Build Hype – Let’s be real. Most of these product are ready to go, and it’s time to get some solid reviews, YouTubes, and blogs like this one.

There are tons of awesome communities like this, but we simply can’t keep up with all of them – the new PricePlow (not yet released) currently has 969 brands. Some great communities are the Animal Forums, the USPLabsDirect Forums (Versa-1 is a huge recent logging success), Controlled Labs forums, and others. So we need your help staying in touch!

So if you have a favorite supplement company, get involved in their forums and see what beta tests are available today!

Currently Running Logs

Want to see what’s already being logged?

You can keep track of all of our logs at our Supplement Logs Category!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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