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CJ’s Real Weights for Real Heroes $5 Workout Plan

Real Weights for Real Heroes Workout

The Real Weights for Real Heroes Charity Drive hosted by Marc Lobliner and TigerFitness is coming, and we’ve got a new way to donate: through CJ’s workout plan!

When you buy CJ’s Hypertrophy and Periodization Program, all revenue will […]

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PricePlow RETURNS to YouTube with CJ Woodruff & Amin Shahry

APS Mesomorph Review

2015 was a great year for PricePlow – but one major thing was missing: YouTube videos!

We had to focus on what was working best for us: technology and written content. Along the way, we wrote some solid articles[…]

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WANTED: PricePlow YouTube & Instagram Athletes – Personalities Apply Now!

PricePlow YouTube / Instagram Job

Are you a fitness personality looking for some consistent cash and exposure? Then read on!

PricePlow is looking for two fitness personalities to be the “face and voice of the brand” on YouTube, Instagram, and even the occasional Periscope in […]

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Rich Piana Workout: 30lbs of Muscle in 3 Months Coming!

Rich Piana Workout

Rich Piana’s Workout (and more) is coming soon. Get ready January 1, 2016!

Big news for fans of Rich Piana and his supplement company, 5% Nutrition: Starting in January, Rich is going to show all of his viewers […]

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Squat Drop Sets: If you Still Got Some in the Tank at the end of Leg Day

If you don't feel like this after leg day, you haven't done enough!

If you don’t feel like this after leg day, you haven’t done enough!

Looking for a killer way to finish off your leg day?

Maybe you just didn’t quite get everything you could have out of this workout, and want […]

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PricePlow Writer Colby Strunk Dominates NAS Redmond, OR Strongman Competition

Colby's Log Press - VERY Solid!

We’re proud to congratulate staff writer and inspiration Colby Strunk for his excellent job at the NAS Redomond, Oregon “Feats of Strength” Strongman Competition this past weekend!

See Colby’s email below:

Hey guys, it’s Colby. Here is the video of […]

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An Introduction to Strongman Training – 3 Part Video Series

Strongman Training with Nick Klugiewicz

Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX recently hosted an introductory strongman training seminar by Texas Strongman Nick Klugiewicz.

In this seminar, Nick covers the following events:

Continental Clean Log Press Thomas Inch Dumbbell Press Farmer’s Walk

…as well as an […]

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Shauna Perry Preps for NPC USA’s Women’s Physique

Shauna Perry

Hodge Fitness athlete Shauna Perry is preparing for the 2013 NPC USA Women’s Physique competition with Jed Hodge and took the time to put up a workout video of a recent chest and lower back workout.

Some takeaways from the[…]

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How to do Pec Deck Flyes… and Not Hurt Yourself

Peck Deck Flyes

Today’s video was recorded a few weeks ago. CJ Woodruff explains how to use the Pec Deck that nearly every gym has.

This is obviously a chest exercise, and is more of a “detail” exercise that CJ does towards the […]

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Our Pain & Gain Review – Where Hollywood Went Wrong

Michael Bay in Pain & Gain

Click the Image to Join our Contest for Mark’s new BLAST & BURN Fat Burner supplement!

Wild and funny, yet prejudiced and long, Pain & Gain is now out, starring “health heroes” Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

This […]

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