ANS RITUAL – Potentially EPIC Pre Workout Coming Soon!

There’s been a lot of rumbling around the block about a new pre workout supplement coming in April. It’s the ANS Performance RITUAL Pre Workout Supplement, and after looking at the ingredient profile, it’s easily already a contender for the 2013 best new pre workout supplement of the year award.

It’s Coming in April – Stay Tuned for Updates

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A Quick Look at ANS Ritual

This image says it all:

The Ritual Pre Workout

The Ritual Pre Workout – This is Just the START of the Formula!

But as our caption says, these ingredients are only the main players. When you take two scoops, you’re getting a lot of clinically-dosed ingredients.

Is DN1000 Legit?

The ANS Ritual Pre Workout

It’s Coming…

The main question is how good this DN1000 dendrobium extract will be. There’s really no “standardization” for extracting dendrobium. Not saying ANS would do this, but even I could run water over a flower and trademark it and call it a day.

If this is as good as ANS is eluding, then hopefully they have a great extraction process that will match the one in Driven Sports CRAZE, the originator of the entire dendrobium “craze”. More on this later on in our blog.

The “Other” Ingredients

Besides that, another thing you might not know about are xanthaurine, which is quercetin extract (you could write a book on the benefits of supplementing quercetin – I even use it to combat allergies).

There’s also AstraGin, which is a patented combination of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. It has been shown to amplify the effects of other amino acids and nitric oxide boosters, including those in Ritual.

PEA + Hordenine = Long Lasting Mood Burst

ANS Ritual Ingredients

ANS Ritual Ingredients

Most importantly, and what’s not shown on the ‘teaser’ image above is the awesome combination of Hordenine and PEA:

PEA, Phenylethylamine, is the “good mood stuff” that’s in chocolate. It’s great, but the problem is that when you supplement it, it hardly lasts even 10 minutes because your MAO attacks it and breaks it down.

That’s where the hordenine comes in. It’s actually a slight MAO inhibitor, and it will stop MAO from breaking down the PEA. The two piggy-back off of each other, and it allows PEA to do its job – boost your mood by boosting dopamine levels… but for far longer!

Now, it’s SUPER important that you do NOT take this stuff if you are on precription drugs like antidepressants that have MAO inhibitors already in them. If the PEA lasts too long in the brain, you can get something known as seratonin syndrome, which is NOT good. PEA should not be touched by anyone on meds like that.

Always speak to your doctor before beginning a new supplementation or diet program, especially when on prescription drugs.

But for the most of us, this stuff is going to have you ready to rock and roll in the gym or on the playing field, and this potent combo is only one of the many reasons why.

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