Performax Labs’ Alison (Jasper) Sawyer

Update in 2015: Alison’s now married and has changed her name Alison Sawyer, and she’s now with Performax Labs!

We firmly believe that Performax Labs is the most underrated nutrition brand out there, so we were extremely excited to recruit their sponsored bikini competitor, Alison Jasper, as this week’s PricePlow Admired Athlete.

Read Alison’s incredible story below, and check out her free Dexaprine contest giveaway below:

Introducing Alison Jasper from Performax Labs

Alison Jasper of iForce Nutrition - This Week's PricePlow Admired Athlete!

Alison Jasper of iForce Nutrition – This Week’s PricePlow Admired Athlete!

The Basics:

Age: 28 Height: 5’7″ Weight: 131 off stage / 124 on stage

Sponsorship Status

Alison keeps busy, and after reading this interview, you’ll realize why companies love having her rep their stuff:

Alison’s Links – Follow Alison!

Do you offer any personal training or coaching services?

I work with John Schaeffer, owner of FTW Training out of Nixa Missouri. John has a wide variety of clientèle; from body builders, bikini & figure competitors to individuals wanting to lose weight and just tone up.

I’m very fortunate to work with a great prep coach both during season and off season. John writes my diets and workout plans, as well as helps me with posing, supplementation and anything related to my fitness. He’s constantly pushing me, and is very invested in my progress.

The Serious Stuff

When was your “light bulb” moment when you knew that this is what you wanted to do?  What happened?

I had an eating disorder for over 10 years. In 2011, I confided in my, now, fiancé. With his help I started using every source imaginable to get help. In this, I found that working out was a great way for me to focus on something. I started working with a trainer and seeing changes. This pushed me to want to do better. That’s when I started competing.

Fitness & competing is more than just a hobby. It’s become a passion for me. I love, not only, the physical changes, but the mental changes that eating healthy & working out can provide. It’s given me something to focus on and work hard for.

So tell us about your tattoos, if you don’t mind..

Alison's Tattoo - ‘illegitimi non carborundum’

‘illegitimi non carborundum’ – ‘Don’t let the bastards break you down’

I have 2 tattoos:

  1. On my forearm – ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce’.

    I’ve always loved this quote and it fits me perfectly. I’ve overcome a lot in my life & this is my reminder.

  2. I have a large tattoo on my left ribs – ‘illegitimi non carborundum’.

    This is latin for- ‘Don’t let the bastards break you down’.

    This has a good story to it… My senior year in high school was very rough for me. My parents were separated, my home life sucked, and I was dealing with an eating disorder that had me in and out of hospitals. That year I had missed some schooling as well as my mid terms because I was at a recovery center.

    At school, I spent a lot of time talking with our school priest. He helped me get thru a lot and was a great voice to help me. When I graduated, I received a card from him that had the saying ‘illegitimi non carborundum’, with ‘look this up, it will help you’.

    When I finally looked it up, I totally “got it”… it made sense: There will be people and events in your life that will be hell, but keep moving; don’t let it get you down. So, I decided I wanted it on me permanently. :)

You have a chance to email yourself 5 years ago in the past.  What would you say to her?

“Believe it or not, you will get thru this and you’ll make BIG things happen!”

Alison's Transformation

Alison’s Two-Year Transformation – Major Inspiration!

Alison’s Diet, Fitness and Supplementation

A month ago, you posted on Facebook that you made some diet changes.  What were they, why did you do it, and how have they been going?

Good thing for me, I don’t write my diet. Otherwise I’d be lost!! My prep coach monitors my body changes and tweaks any diet change needed for the goal.

A month ago I was 2 weeks out from a show. This is ‘do or die’ time! At this time, my carbs began to slowly diminish. Upping the fat intake in my diet to use for energy. ‘Peak week’ i.e. the week leading up to the show, I was on VERY low carbs each day. High protein, low carb, no fat, and water loading.

Nutrition is such a science! I’m very happy to work with John Schaeffer, as he knows exactly what to look for and what changes to make in a diet to get the results you need.

Your abs kill it on stage.  What’s your training split been each week during this prep?

This season, our focus was to build upper body- shoulder/ back, and legs – quads, hamstrings, butt.

I’m lucky, in that I don’t do many core focused workouts. Almost every workout uses core strength. I always make sure to keep my core/abs tight during every workout. This helps keep good form as well as strengthen abs.

My training consists of hitting a different muscle group each day.


Alison Focuses on the Upper Body and Glutes

Alison Focuses on the Upper Body and Glutes to Build that Hourglass Figure for Bikini

I do cardio- 20 min in the morning on an empty stomach and 20- 30 minutes in the evening. I don’t focus on intensity, rather high incline treadmill to build glutes.

Alison’s Lifting Split:

  • Monday – Glutes and hamstrings
  • Tuesday – Back & Biceps
  • Wednesday – Chest & triceps
  • Thursday – Quads, butt
  • Friday – Calves, shoulders
  • Saturday – Glutes, hamstrings
  • Sunday – off. Or, 30 min incline treadmill

What’s This Year’s Contest Schedule?

Alison's Ab Work is Mostly Squeezing Throughout Her Workouts

Alison’s Ab Work is Mostly Done by Keeping them Flexed and Tight Throughout Her Workouts

I originally planned for 3 shows- April 27, June 8 and July 13. However, I’ve recently withdrawn from the June 8 show.

April 27 I placed third in Bikini Open & Novice divisions at the KC Championships. I came in on point; was very lean and looked great.

The reason I withdrew from the June 8 show, was because I really wanted to focus on the July show as it’s a big show in my hometown. I want to look my absolute best at this show.

When you diet for a show, your body goes thru MANY changes: building and cutting, dehydration/rehydration; plus the not-so-fun rebound after the show. When you only allow 4-5 weeks between shows, you put your body at risk for injury and to not react how you want.

Currently, I’m taking these next 9 weeks to prep for the July MO State Championships. This gives me ample time to build and cut without rushing the process.

What’s Your Supplement Stack? It’s gotta be a good one with that iForce Stuff…

I’m fortunate enough to use some of the best products in the industry, iForce Nutrition. My supplement stack changes depending on what season I’m in: “Competition/ prep” season or “off” season.

Some of my favorite products are:

  • Tropinol XP
  • Lights Out
  • Resveritol V2
  • Dexaprine XR (Thermogenic Fat Burner)*
  • Compete
  • Mazimize Intense (pre workout supplement – to be replaced by iForce Conquer)

*iForce Dexaprine Contest!

Thanks to Alison and Vaughn at iForce, this week’s supplement giveaway contest is a free bottle of iForce Dexaprine!

Read the rest of the interview then click the link to join the contest!

Dexaprine XR for All-Day Energy and a Metabolism Boost While Dieting

Alison Uses iForce Dexaprine XR for All-Day Energy and a Metabolism Boost While Dieting

On the Dexaprine XR Thermogenic…

I take Dexaprine XR in the morning on an empty stomach. This is not only an excellent fat burner, but also an appetite suppressant, mood and energy enhancer. I absolutely LOVE this product!

Tropinol XP + Resveritol V2 During Prep

I added in Tropinol XP & Resveritol V2 in my most recent 12 week prep. This stack has allowed me to put on more muscle while keeping me lean.

iForce Compete For All-Day Amino Acids

I drink Compete Tangy Tangerine on a daily basis! It tastes amazing and provides all the essential amino acids and bcaa’s needed to keep muscles replenished and your body feeling energized!

INTENSE Pre Workout for Leg Days

iForce Conquer is Coming!

Look out Maximize Intense Fans, iForce Conquer is Coming!

Maximize Intense is a killer pre workout. I take 1 scoop before my leg days to give me the extra energy and focus I need. Plus, it has NO CRASH!!!

Note: Alison needed to re-up on some supplements and asked us to check for some deals. We built the Alison iForce Stack using our Supplement Stacker Service

Someone tells you “fat burners don’t work for me… nothing works for me”.  How do you answer?

Alison Before her Big Show

Before the big show

Too many times people assume that taking a ‘fat burner’ will make them magically lose weight. Well… it won’t.

You need to have a good foundation with proper diet and regular exercise. Once you can maintain that, you can start including supplements, like fat burners, in to your program.

I take, and live by, iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XR. It completely cuts any cravings I have throughout the day, plus gives me a great energy and focus that lasts all day.

Dexaprine is unique in that it targets fat loss while NOT cannibalizing muscle.

The Fun Stuff

Weightlifting Grip – What Type are You?

Weight Lifting Grip

Alison is a ‘B’-Type – Which One Are You?

I’m an ‘under’

You’re 80% into your leg workout, in diet mode, and you need to finish STRONG.  Name one or two songs that get the job done for you.

Easy, ‘Monster ft. Example’ by Professor Green and ‘Seven Nation Army remix’ by The Glitch Mob.

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Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube

Rate your top 3 from the picture below:

Alison Picks Her Favorite Expendables

Every Girl Loves the Expendables… But who comes out on top?

  1. Randy Couture
  2. Jason Statham
  3. Stallone

Give a Shout-Out to Someone!!

John Schaeffer Client Before and After

NO doubt about it… John Schaeffer has proven his worth!

Of course I have to shout out my prep coach, John Schaeffer! Since working with John, I not only enjoy my diet/ prep, but I’m in better shape than ever. With his knowledge and involvement in my prep, I’ve been able to achieve the goals I’m pursuing.

It’s very hard to find a trainer / prep coach that is INVESTED in you. Most will just write up a cookie cutter diet and have you email them a weight chart each day. With John Schaeffer’s prep, I’m constantly in touch with him on how I’m feeling and looking. He judges each individuals prep based off how they look, rather than how much they weigh.

When I started working with John, he decided that I needed to add upper body, and build my legs to give me the hourglass shape that bikini division wants. That’s exactly how my training has been set up. He’s shown me proper form and different workouts to target specific muscle groups other than the ‘large muscle groups’.

Basically, he rocks and I’d recommend his training to anyone, whether you’re wanting to compete or just looking to lose some weight.

WOW. That interview got real serious, real fast, and is going to be tough to beat. Thank you Alison, and good luck at states!

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