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Squat Drop Sets: If you Still Got Some in the Tank at the end of Leg Day

Looking for a killer way to finish off your leg day?

Maybe you just didn’t quite get everything you could have out of this workout, and want to rescue it with one last set… or maybe you want to get that last mile of wreckage to make tomorrow doubly miserable.

Regardless of how your leg day went, if you finish it off CJ Woodruff style, you’ll definitely feel satisfied when you’re done.

CJ’s End of Leg Day Drop Set Squat Set

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The Set

  • 225×15
  • 135×15
  • BWx15


This set should be a game-ender for you. If you’re strong and it looks too easy, do more. If you can’t handle this weight, bump it down.

Since my squat is weaker, I went with 205×15, 135×15, BWx15. My endurance is good, so it turned out to be too easy towards the end. Next time I’d consider 20 rep sets, or do 215×15, 155×15, 95×15.

Supplements Used During this Video

Pre-Workout: Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter (review here) Intra-Workout: FinaFlex BCAA SAA (review here) Post-Workout: Eat the Bear Whey Protein Isolate (review here)

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